Little Chemist:
Innovative products to simplify health.

Introducing the:
The Pill Popper

Designed for ease of use:

Struggling with popping out pills? Our compact and portable pill dispenser provides a solution for easy pill consumption anytime, anywhere. Effortlessly extract pills from the blister pack and swallow with water, making it a breeze even if you have difficulty popping them out. Ideal for capsules under 2cm and tablets under 1.2cm.

Easy to use. Just pop, take and go!

Suitable for everyone. Especially the elderly, arthritis sufferers and people with limited hand strength

Light-weight and portable. Can fit into pocket or bag

Great tool for deblistering medicines for blister packing

Introducing the:
The Med Tracker

Designed for simplicity:

Don’t miss a dose again with our Med Tracker – the ultimate daily medication reminder. Labeled buttons for each day of the week and extra options for 2-3 dosages make it easy to track pills, creams, sprays, and liquids. Never forget to take your medication – simply pop to remind!

Easy to use. Simply pop to track and remind.

Reuseable, portable and compact design.

Attaches to multiple containers of various sizes.

Available in 3 colours for easy identification.