Introducing the Pill Popper:
The easy way to take medicines.

The pill popper will take the hassle out of medicine management.

Easy to use. Just pop, take and go!

Suitable for everyone. Especially the elderly, arthritis sufferers and people with limited hand strength

Light-weight and portable. Can fit into pocket or bag

Great tool for deblistering medicines for blister packing

Super easy to use:
Just pop, take and go:

Designed for ease of use:

Compact and portable, our pill popper enables convenient pill consumption anytime, anywhere. Easily pop pills from the pack and swallow with water. Ideal for capsules under 2cm and tablets under 1.2cm.

Suitable for everyone:

Designed to meet your lifestyle needs:

Crafted with you in mind, the Pill Popper effortlessly handles various blister packs, making it perfect for seniors and those seeking a simpler way to manage their health. Compact and portable, it slips into your pocket or bag, ensuring your medication is always within reach. Designed for you, the Pill Popper transforms daily medication into a stress-free experience, because health should be simple.


Personal use

The Pill Popper's simple design and ease of use make it a practical solution for everyone. With a straightforward mechanism, it simplifies the task of extracting pills from blister packs, enhancing medication management for a wide range of users.

Professional use

The Pill Popper is essential for pharmacy tasks like compliance packing, offering relief from manually deblistering pills. Its user-friendly design simplifies the deblistering process, ensuring precise and efficient extraction. This tool improves the overall pharmacy workflow.

Experience easy pill extraction with the
Pill Popper

Simplify your medication routine today!